Space Race: Apollo 8

2019 Edition of Play - The Game Festival - Space Race - is being launched. We invite all the associations to participate.

On December 21, 1968 the American astronauts James Lovell, Frank Borman and William Andrea were orbiting on board of the Apollo 8 around the moon for the first time, moreover celebrating Christmas and coming back safely on the Earth.

We’re getting ready for the eleventh edition on Play - The Game Festival inviting all the associations to contribute and celebrate with us in a playful way the fiftieth Anniversary of the Moon Landing, tnaks to the collaboration with the National Institute of Astrophysics-INAF.

So many news are waiting for the Italian associations and players. As every year we build together a rich program of events : board games, role playing games, miniature games, LARP and so much more.

Good Play to everyone!

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